Overgrown and one long undulating lawn with multiple slopes, an eye sore at best.

When a couple decided that it was time to address the lack of use of the space outside they had no idea what to do or how to deal with the lay of the land to make it an attractive useable space.

The distraught homeowners contacted Miles for his recommended professionalism and efficient ability to transform any garden.

Miles transferred his vision into a detailed design to illustrate for the clients how their currently overgrown garden would soon look so that they could picture a completed garden and how it would offer the end result they were looking for. They quickly felt at ease knowing they were in safe hands.

Miles and his team uncovered many challenges, including sunken paving, subsiding walls and hidden raised beds that were impossible to detect at first sight due to the huge extent of weeds.

The team solved every issue and dealt with every challenge with scenic landscaping and bespoke hardscaping solutions. The result was a stunning outdoor entertaining area with a wealth of low-maintenance greenery and planting opportunities hidden throughout the garden.

The previously agitated couple found Miles and his team very reassuring and knowledgeable, compared to the awkward and inexperienced landscapers and designers they had previously worked with. They praised the crew for having a keen eye for detail and thoroughly explaining the landscaping and hardscaping process during the entire project.

Falling in love with their revamped paradise space they are now able to enjoy the space to its full potential once more with their beloved family members.

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