When Mr and Mrs Patel decided to tackle the garden their first sight was 6ft tall brambles, badly placed shrubs and trees and no where to sit and relax with the family.

There was no question they needed help with their garden transformation. They found The Leicester Landscaping Company and our bespoke landscaping services made the whole difference, because there is nothing we can’t do!

We got our industrial machinery in right away to remove nearly everything and start with a blank canvas.

Going through ideas and suggestions together and looking at our previous projects made it easy for them to envisage their new garden. We were also able to advise them on planting, layout and design so they could best enjoy their new garden in a loving space with the entire family and how we could design the garden to meet their needs.

Even with bad weather, Miles and the team worked on repairing years of neglect and were able to create a far more interesting and attractive space. The garden transformation exceeded the couple’s expectations and the fresh design added much greater value to the home.

The team had a complete ‘one-stop-shop’ approach to the project, providing practical solutions thanks to our bespoke hard and soft landscaping services, allowing them to return the garden to its former glory.

Get in touch today with our friendly team today to begin your journey towards your own garden transformation!

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