When a young couple moved from the busy life of London to the countryside they knew they wanted to transform their outdoor space into a low maintenance ultimate relaxation and entertaining space.

The concerned home owners about the size of the project chose The Leicester Landscaping Company to give their garden a much-needed makeover.

The onerous task of correcting the issues also involved some very uneven levels within the garden and never ending weeds! ! Basically an unsafe, overgrown and dilapidated garden that was neglected.

Thanks to the technical skills and patience of our experienced local landscapers, the worried homeowners were soon at ease, knowing that their problems were about to be solved and we wasted no time at all to get stuck in.

Even though Miles and his team encountered buried boulders, previous poor paving and incorrect levels, they managed to solve everything with their expertise and competence while creating a stunning outdoor dining area with stylish finishing’s and touches.

The fantastic garden makeover we carried out allowed for the couple and friends to spend more quality time together and effortlessly relax in the garden whenever the sun was shining.

The homeowners found Miles and his team to be pleasant, fun and very efficient, as opposed to the often irritating and awkward experience of having builders at their home.

They would strongly recommend Miles and his team of local landscapers to anyone looking to renovate their outdoor space.

So, if you would like to create a landscape that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, to perfectly suit your lifestyle and the needs of your family, give us a call today!