The owners wanted to transform their garden from an unused and underutilised space into something beautiful and exciting to enjoy with their friends and family.

To create a masterpiece, first we had to rip up the old pathway and take this garden from an old worn out design to something fabulous.

We communicated with them every step of the way from concept to design through to implementation, to ensure their vision became a reality.

We listened and interpreted their ideas, ensuring at the heart of the design was an area for socialising, then we added luscious green texture to the border and pots, giving colour to create year-round interest. We added gravel walkways, which enhance the experience when exploring  around the garden.

The manicured lawn allows for a rich and vibrant feeling when contrasted to the surrounding greenery with added height from conifers and trees to create depth.

Small areas were created to sit back and enjoy the view enveloped by the shrubs and plants to create a truly immersive feeling.

Our vast experience and expertise meant we could transform this ordinary garden into an extraordinary outdoor space that is perfect for socialising, entertaining and exploring. Now the owners can blissfully enjoy their new garden.

So, if you would like to create a landscape that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, to perfectly suit your lifestyle and the needs of your family, give us a call today!