Are you already dreaming of a lush, thriving garden during the dreary winter months? Don’t wait until spring to start thinking about it—now is actually the best time to begin planning and preparing for your dream garden! Gardening has been proven to help reduce stress levels and bring us closer with nature; however, without proper planning and preparation beforehand, the success of your garden is not guaranteed.

Would you like a new garden for Spring?

Spring is the perfect time for gardening and planting as it offers numerous benefits, from increased growth potential to healthier plants.

Whether you’re looking to add beauty to your garden or want something more utilitarian like a vegetable patch, knowing when and what to plant in spring will get your outdoor space off on the right foot.

If you would like to watch your garden grow, Spring is the perfect time to cultivate new seedlings. Or if you would like instant impact mature plants and trees can be planted and will thrive when they get plenty of sunlight and of course some April showers, to ensure they grow healthy and strong. Spring is growing season in the garden and the perfect time for planting.

Tips to ensure your garden will be summer ready

For the most gloriously lush lawn spring is the ideal time to re-sow poor patches or re-turf. Make sure to aerate the soil and scarify the grass to ensure sunlight and rain get to the soil.

Spring is the time when weeds start to flourish, so ensure you get them under control as soon as possible, you could add ground cover plants such as Campanula or Heathers that will stifle weeds or if you want to really sort them out once and for all use a weed control membrane.

If you need to move any deciduous shrubs or plants, Spring is the ideal time. If your garden needs a makeover but you still want to reuse some of your existing planting, then it is always best to move them as early as possible when they are dormant to give them the best chance.

Summer Ideas

If you would like to make the most out of your garden then now is the perfect time to get it sorted in time to enjoy it in the summer months. It takes longer than you think to plan and install a garden re-design and that’s why it’s best to start as early as possible. Here’s a few garden re-design ideas that could be perfect for your garden:

  • Create a large patio area that is perfect for social gatherings – summer is all about getting the barbeque out and enjoying drinks with friends and family! Why not add a pergola overhead with lighting or a firepit to create the perfect ambience in the evenings.
  • Outdoor kitchen/dining area anyone? Who doesn’t love to eat summer food but creating it indoors in the stifling heat is definitely not something that is enjoyable. That’s why we have created numerous outdoor kitchens and even a few with bars to enjoy a few cocktails in the sun.
  • The best thing anyone can put in their garden – water features! The bubbling sound of water cascading is the most relaxing sound there is. Why not take it to the next level and create a bespoke pond complete with a waterfall to make a stunning display.

For more information about designing your garden call us today on 01164 422 617 or fill out our contact form and we will arrange for one of our friendly team members to give you a call.

Start Planning Your Dream Garden Today

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