Our team is guided by Miles Wellings, who has over a decade in the industry and a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I started out by mowing a family friends lawn for a year when I was 12, at the end of the year he gave me the lawn mower as payment. The following year I walked around the village I grew up in, Harby, asking home owners if they would like their grass cutting, to my surprise in the first year over 10 people said yes!

Over a decade later, we have now progressed from gardening into landscaping and provide a wide range of services from garden design and construction to all patios, lawns and many other services and have a team of 15 amazing team members to service these needs!

With several full-time qualified garden landscapers and trained staff members who carry out a variety of roles from project managers to the office team, we can provide our sought-after services and bring beautiful gardens to our now expanded area of the East Midlands!”