Your garden is the perfect opportunity to express yourself creatively and even spend quality time with your friends and family. If you’re fed up with your garden looking uninspiring, then why not give it a fresh makeover. We can make your space look spectacular by selecting plants that will thrive in the conditions of your location, adopt different techniques for crowding or separating features within the land design, factor in aspect and gradient, and most importantly deliver the garden you’ve always wanted. All these elements will help shape a rejuvenated exterior space that you can enjoy throughout the year. Not sure what design to go with, here’s a couple of ideas:

Modern Design

If you are looking for ways to upgrade your outdoor living space and create a functional, yet attractive garden space that is pleasantly inviting, a modern garden design may be the perfect solution. Thanks to a combination of creative execution and careful planning, modern gardens can provide homeowners with an aesthetically pleasing environment that brings both functionality and comfort into their everyday lives. From the placement of carefully chosen plants and décor pieces to custom built structures – like pergolas or decks – there are plenty of elements you can use to give your space a sleek contemporary look. We can provide you with modern garden design ideas that will take your backyard from outdated to stunning!


  • For that seamless modern feel choose materials that complement the architecture of your home and keep it minimalist, we’ll happily provide you with options to choose from.
  • Make use of geometric lines, it’s important not to be afraid of bold designs!

Choose stunning water features or sculptures that really set the design off. Don’t panic if you don’t know what would work best for you as we’re always on hand to provide advice.

English Country Cottage

For those wanting to add a touch of charm, elegance, and beauty to their garden without all the fuss of tending, caring for and maintaining a complicated landscape design consider cottage gardens. These quaint gardens provide an idyllic escape from everyday life by charmingly combining flowers, herbs, vegetables, and other plants in lush arrangements that perfectly capture the romantic nostalgia associated with these timeless outdoor spaces. From incorporating rustic accents like aged stone pavers to understanding what type of plants will thrive best in your garden style, we can easily create a beautiful cottage garden design that is your own!


  • The planting is one of the most important features here that will truly sell the feeling of being immersed in the country, so don’t be afraid of the abundance of flowers
  • Engage all the senses. We can choose the perfect plants that will give fragrant and aesthetic appeal from traditional roses to exotic star jasmine.
  • The borders must overflow with a variety of height and texture, such as Alcalthaea suffrutescens ‘Parkfrieden’ and Delphiniums. We’ll make sure to choose the perfect plants for your design that meet all your preferences.

Contrast wildflowers with winding gravel pathways or steppingstones to finish the effect.

Whatever you choose to do, a bit of redesigning could transform your garden into a blissful oasis. If you would like to know more on how re-designing your garden could help breathe new life into this important part of your home, book a consultation today.

For more information about designing your garden call us today on 01164 422 617 or fill out our contact form and we will arrange for one of our friendly team members to give you a call.

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