If you are a nature lover and enjoy spending time in your garden, why not take steps to attract wildlife into it? A garden that is teeming with birds, butterflies, bees, and other small creatures can be a source of great joy and wonder.

There are many ways to create a welcoming environment for wildlife in your garden and in this newsletter, we’ll take you through some easy steps and tips to achieve just that.


One of the easiest ways to attract wildlife into your garden is by incorporating a variety of flowering plants.

For example, nectar-rich flowers such as lavender, marigolds, and sunflowers which will attract bees and butterflies, while plants with berries and seeds such as holly, elderberry, and coneflower will attract birds.

For a beautiful and biodiverse outdoor space, we can create bespoke pergolas with climbing plants such as wisteria, honeysuckle, and jasmine, perfect for nesting birds and insects as well as their attractive aromas for pollinators. We can also create eco-friendly raised planters using upcycled old natural wood sleepers, for a truly unique and sustainable feature.


The presence of a water feature on your property can bring life and beauty to the outdoors in ways you may not have expected. From frogs, birds, fish, newts and more – adding a natural flow of water or other aquatic elements such as fountains or ponds can create a bustling wildlife haven that both you and the surrounding native animals will appreciate!

From formal stonework and structures to natural rock swimming pools and streams, we can design water features to incorporate both beauty and function into your outdoor landscape


Animals need a safe place to rest and take shelter from predators. Creating habitats that mimic natural environments can also be effective in attracting wildlife. For example, you can create a wildflower meadow or native grassland habitat in your garden by planting a mix of wildflowers and grasses, or we can turf your lawn using wildflower turf. This will attract insects, birds, and small mammals like rabbits and hedgehogs.

Avoid Pesticides

Pesticides are harmful to wildlife, especially bees and other pollinators. Instead, try using natural alternatives like garlic or mint sprays to repel pests. You can also encourage natural predators like birds and ladybugs to eat insects that might eat your plants.

Other Features to Incorporate

Providing high-quality gravel in your pond or in your garden can benefit ecology and help create bio diverse habitats that can support different species of plants and animals.

From insects to amphibians, gravel offers something for all kinds of species who rely on its unique qualities. Let’s not forget hedgehogs either, they are known to travel around 1-2km a night, so it’s important to allow them into your gardens. With the introduction of our carefully designed custom-fitted hedgehog highways into bespoke fencing, we offer an innovative solution to provide safe crossings!

Attracting wildlife into your garden can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. If you would like help to design a garden that will attract and sustain wildlife, get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

For more information about designing your garden call us today on 01164 422 617 or fill out our contact form and we will arrange for one of our friendly team members to give you a call.

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